An analysis of Bitcoin waves to determine its peak


  • Bitcoin will soon have completed sub-wave 5 of its wave 5.
  • BTC could reach a peak between $29,800 and $33,500.
  • The course has completed a short term 4th wave downturn.

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On December 27th, Bitcoin (BTC) reached a new record high of $28,422.

Despite the continued rise, the wave count suggests that Bitcoin Revival is rapidly approaching the peak of its current movement. This could indicate that a corrective movement will take place in the near future.

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Bitcoin Long Term Wave Counting

The long term count of the BTC suggests that the price is approaching the peak of the wave 3 cycle (in white), and that it is currently in wave 5 (in blue).

Once it reaches a peak and the corrective movement begins, a correction covering the entire movement started in September will be expected.

In addition, due to the hollow wave 2 (shown in red) and the principle of alternation, one would expect a much deeper wave 4. The latter could bring the BTC down to $19,137 or $16,943, representing the fibonacci retracement levels of 0.5-0.618 of the entire movement.

Cryptomurrency trader @TheTradinghubb highlighted a CTS chart indicating a possible high between $29,000 and $32,000. The wave count is consistent with the one we highlighted, in which the CTO is completing wave 5 of the wave 3 cycle.

Further observation of the movement shows that the BTC is also in sub-wave 5 (in orange) of wave 5 (in blue).

Using a fibonacci extension on sub-wave 1 gives a potential target close to $29,800 or $33,600. These are the fibonacci extensions 3.61 and 4.61 in sub-wave 1.

BTC Future movement

Finally, the shorter term, two-hour graph shows that after passing a 4th wave triangle, the BTC has completed minor sub-waves 1 to 4 (in black).

Thus, the BTC appears to be in the minor sub-wave 5 (in black) of the minor sub-wave 5 (in blue) of wave 5 (in orange) of the wave 3 cycle, so a considerable correction is expected once this movement is finalized.
BTC Breakout

Finally, the shorter 30-minute chart suggests a final minor sub-wave rise before the CTS reaches its peak. This is noticeable due to the formation of 4th wave setbacks.

A decline below the top of minor sub-wave 1, at $24,661, would suggest that the correction has begun.
BTC 4th wave pullback


The price of Bitcoin is expected to complete another short-term upward movement to around $29,800 before beginning a correction.

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