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Binance: Forbes leaked document raises questions

Forbes magazine has uncovered a story about the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance. According to a leaked document, Binance is said to have devised a certain concept to deliberately deceive regulators.

The document in questionThe file that contains this information appears to have been prepared by several senior executives and obtained from Forbes

The Cayman Islands-based Bitcoin exchange Binance currently has around 10 billion US dollars in total crypto transactions per day. Its founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao, called „CZ“, is one of the few business people who have made it into the elite ranks of billionaires with the help of cryptocurrencies.

The leaked source is from 2018. Forbes has not yet published it itself. It is apparently available to the magazine in the form of a presentation. The fact that the file is named „Presentation 2“ could also mean, according to Forbes, that other strategies may have been considered.

This “Presentation 2” contains plans for a sub-division of Binance

In reference to the Chinese martial arts, this section is called „Tai Chi Unit“. The name doesn’t seem to have been chosen by chance. The approach of Tai Chi is based on the principle of „giving up and overcoming“ or using the opponent’s weight against the opponent himself. In the specific case of Binance, the tactic was to found a subsidiary called Binance.US. Unlike Binance itself, Binance.US does not allow trading in highly indebted crypto derivatives, as the regulations in the USA also prohibit.

The unit, later christened „Tai Chi Entity“, is said to have carried out sham operations in the United States, which allegedly had the sole aim of deceiving the regulatory authorities and distracting them according to the decoy principle. Binance.US is said to have paid license fees and other income to the parent company. Prospective customers are reported to have been given instructions on how to avoid geographic restrictions while further technological remedies were being worked on.

Analisi dei prezzi di Bitcoin: BTC a rischio di un guasto più ampio

Il prezzo del bitcoin non è riuscito a superare la resistenza di $ 10,800 ed è diminuito rispetto al dollaro USA.

Il prezzo è ora scambiato ben al di sotto della resistenza di $ 10.800 e del 55 SMA (H4).

Si sta formando un importante pattern di breakout con supporto vicino a $ 10.540 sul grafico a 4 ore della coppia BTC / USD (feed di dati da Coinbase).

È probabile che la coppia diminuisca bruscamente se ci fosse una rottura al di sotto dei livelli di supporto di 10.540 $ e 10.500 $.

Il prezzo del bitcoin mostra attualmente alcuni segnali ribassisti inferiori a $ 10.700 rispetto al dollaro USA. BTC rimane a rischio di un calo maggiore se rompe il supporto di 10.540 $.

Analisi dei prezzi di Bitcoin

Negli ultimi giorni, il prezzo del bitcoin ha avviato un’ondata di ripresa decente sopra i $ 10.600 contro il dollaro USA. BTC è riuscito a superare il livello di $ 10.700 e la media mobile semplice di 55 (4 ore).

Tuttavia, il prezzo ha faticato a superare il livello di resistenza di $ 10.800. C’è stata una forte reazione ribassista dal massimo di $ 10.798 e il prezzo è sceso al di sotto del livello di $ 10.700. Il prezzo ha persino rotto il livello di ritracciamento del 50% Fib del movimento al rialzo dallo swing minimo di $ 10.370 al massimo di $ 10.798.

Il prezzo è ora scambiato ben al di sotto della resistenza di $ 10.800 e del 55 SMA (H4). Sul lato negativo, c’è un forte supporto che si forma vicino al livello di 10.540 $. C’è anche un importante pattern di breakout che si forma con il supporto vicino a $ 10.540 sul grafico a 4 ore della coppia BTC / USD.

Il livello di ritracciamento di Fib del 61,8% del movimento al rialzo dal minimo di $ 10.370 al massimo di $ 10.798 è vicino alla zona di supporto di $ 10.540. Se si verifica una rottura al ribasso sotto il supporto del triangolo e 10.540 $, c’è il rischio di un calo maggiore.

Nel caso dichiarato, il prezzo potrebbe rivisitare il minimo oscillante di $ 10.370

Il prossimo importante supporto potrebbe essere il livello di $ 10.270 poiché è vicino al livello di estensione di 1.236 Fib del movimento al rialzo dallo swing minimo di $ 10.370 a $ 10.798 massimo.

Al contrario, il prezzo del bitcoin potrebbe iniziare un nuovo aumento sopra i livelli di $ 10.650 e $ 10.700. Per spostarsi in una zona positiva, il prezzo deve guadagnare slancio al di sopra della resistenza del triangolo e del livello di $ 10.800.

Prezzo BitcoinPrezzo Bitcoin

Guardando il grafico , il prezzo del bitcoin sta chiaramente lottando per rimanere sopra i 10.540 $ ed è ben al di sotto del 55 SMA (H4). Pertanto, è probabile che il prezzo diminuisca bruscamente se si verifica una rottura al di sotto dei livelli di supporto di $ 10.540 e $ 10.500.

Europol report: cryptocurrencies encourage cyber crime

Popular wallets and other privacy enhancing technologies were identified as threats in Europol’s latest crypto report.

With the IOCTA (Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment), Europol has set up a department that investigates cyber threats. In a recent report the authorities take stock.

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The investigators are rather critical of the increasing spread of crypto currencies. The 64-page report said they eased payments for various forms of cybercrime. The IOCTA sees developments in relation to private-sector crypto-coins and services as particularly problematic.

The IOCTA report concludes that the reliability of the blockchain and the irreversibility of transactions, as well as the associated anonymity, make it easier for cybercriminals to proceed. It is even from one

Standard payment method for payments made by victims to criminals as part of ransom and other extortion programs, as well as for payments from criminals to criminals on the dark web the speech.

Most recently, the Pricacy Wallet Wasabi came into focus at Europol . The investigators had determined that almost a third of the Wasabi transactions could be linked to darknet transactions.

Europol recognizes the goodwill of the providers in the fight against crime

Investigators say it is difficult to locate cybercrime in comparison to other criminal practices. Because criminals could do a lot of damage with a relatively small investment. From 4 million sextortion emailsI was able to extract 12,500 Bitcoin addresses. It is true that “only” 245 of these actually received a payment. For a “low budget fraud” the maneuver was nevertheless very lucrative. Typical ransomware attacks are much more profitable, but also more complex to implement.

As more and more private individuals use cryptocurrencies, it is obvious that the number of potential victims is also increasing. For 2019, the IOCTA report lists ten publicly confirmed hacks from exchanges where criminals have stolen cryptocurrencies. The total damage amounts to 240 million euros.

This problem is known to the private providers and in many places appropriate safety precautions have already been taken. However, Europol criticizes that not every company cooperates sufficiently with investigators to put a stop to fraudsters.

However, the report praises the fact that the crypto exchanges in particular have further strengthened their know-your-customer measures (KYC). Not only the operators, but also the media are ultimately obliged by the IOCTA to provide information about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

Passive income in crypto: staking with Just Mining

You’ve probably heard of staking and crypto based on evidence issue ( proof of stake ). This consensus method is known for its inclusive aspect. In fact, unlike the proof of work of Bitcoin, there is no need for advanced equipment to validate transactions. You just have to invest funds in cryptocurrency!

This is a promotional article written in collaboration with Just Mining

However, installing your validator node yourself can be complex . And the minimum amount of funds to put into play can be a drag. So, how do you participate in the staking of your favorite crypto if you don’t have the soul of a technician or a lot of funds? There is a simple solution : staking services . In this article, we will present the solutions offered by Just Mining .

Reminder: what is staking ?

The staking is a mechanism to validate the transactions of a distributed network . It is based on the stake of a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

The nodes of the network ( stakers ) wishing to participate in this validation process place their funds in escrow . The protocol takes care of keeping them locked for a given period. The nodes will then carry out their work of validating the blocks . In exchange, they will be rewarded (the rules vary depending on the protocol). To avoid cheating, they are financially punished for bad behavior.

The advantage of staking and proof of stake is its low energy cost . Like the Nakamoto consensus, it is a system of financial incentives securing a distributed network. But here, there is no need to embark on a race for computing power. The nodes wishing to participate put their funds directly into play. The protocol then takes care of selecting them and rewarding them. Of course, the rewards are proportional to the amount of cryptocurrency put into play.

The staking , passive income crypto

The staking so lets generate passive income cryptomonnaie . Anyone, if they have the required funds, can in theory set up a node and participate in consensus. There is, however, an important technical barrier to entry! Indeed, not all cryptocurrency holders are necessarily a developer. And all distributed networks operate under different rules.

The minimum amount of crypto to lock therefore varies depending on the protocol. For example, on Ethereum 2.0, it will be 32 ETH, or nearly 10,000 euros at the current price.

The staking can be seen as an investment crypto , providing predictable performance . Be careful, this interest rate is defined by the protocol, but the price of the crypto is however subject to the laws of the free market.

Interesting, isn’t it? The game obviously consists of staking the most profitable cryptos . Thus, we regularly see double-digit returns .

Those who try staking for purely speculative purposes therefore have an interest in going through service providers . He has no technical knowledge to have, no server to configure, no node to synchronize. In addition, there is no financial minimum when going through a staking service provider . User funds are collected in cash pools managed by the company.

Blockstreams Bitcoin Satellite Node lanseres i Venezuela

Venezuelas kryptovalutaaksept har vært en imponerende bragd. I møte med en usikker økonomisk fremtid har landet måtte stole på krypto enda mer. Nå som kryptokurver har blitt et fast inventar i Venezuelas økonomiske miljø, har landet gjort grep for å forbedre tilgangen.

Enklere betalinger for alle

I den siste grensen for adopsjon av krypto hadde Venezuelas regjering inngått et samarbeid med Blockchain-leverandøren Blockstream for å lansere en Bitcoin-node på satellittnettverket. I et blogginnlegg publisert tidligere denne uken kunngjorde CryptoBuyer-tjenesten CryptoBuyer at den vellykket hadde lansert en Bitcoin-node i landet.

Lanseringen, som CryptoBuyer og Blockstream gjennomførte, vil i hovedsak gjøre det mulig for venezuelanere å sende satoshier (de minste enhetene i en Bitcoin) over internett uten behov for en pålitelig forbindelse. For folk i avsidesliggende områder over hele landet betyr dette initiativet at krypto alltid er i nærheten.

I henhold til blogginnlegget var Cryptobuyer i stand til å lansere en satellittnode på Blockstream Satellite gjennom et partnerskap med kryptotreningstjenesten AnibalCrypto.

Álvaro Pérez, en Valencia-programmerer som også deltok i prosjektet, sa:

“Vi lastet ned hele Bitcoin-blockchain og gjennomførte den første transaksjonen gjennom en Bitcoin-satellittnode i vårt land 23. september, fra byen Valencia. Vi mottok bitcoin gjennom satellittforbindelsen uten internettforbindelse. Det var et øyeblikk med stor prestasjon. ”

Jorge Farias, administrerende direktør i CryptoBuyer, la til at prosjektet hadde som mål å løse virkelige økonomiske inkluderingsproblemer for millioner i landet. Det er i tråd med CryptoBuyers oppdrag å bringe kryptovalutaer til flere venezuelanere, ettersom selskapet allerede har installert flere Bitcoin-minibanker og salgsterminaler over hele landet.

Blogginnlegget la til at alle partier ville lansere flere noder i Caracas, Venezuelas hovedstad og den sørlige staten Bolivar. Interesserte brukere vil kunne koble til satellittknutepunktene gjennom nettverk, som allerede er testet over hele landet.

Kettenglied sieht „schwach und schwer“ aus

Analytiker: Kettenglied sieht „schwach und schwer“ aus, während es Anzeichen von Bärigkeit zeigt

Chainlink hat in den vergangenen Tagen einen starken Verkaufsdruck erlebt, wobei die Kryptowährung nicht in der Lage war, die Gewinne, die Bitcoin heute verzeichnete, widerzuspiegeln.

Diese Verluste haben seiner technischen Perspektive einen Schlag versetzt und möglicherweise die Tore für weitere Abwärtsbewegungen in den kommenden Wochen und Monaten geöffnet.

Während ein Analyst über die technischen Aussichten sprach, sagte ein Analyst, er gehe davon aus, dass die LINK-Währung noch deutlich weiter fallen werde, es sei denn, die Bullen werden aufsteigen und durch Bitcoin Up den anhaltenden Abwärtstrend umkehren.

Er weist insbesondere darauf hin, dass das Krypto anfängt, „schwach und schwer“ auszusehen, da es nahe der unteren Grenze seiner mittelfristigen Bandbreite gehandelt wird, die in den letzten Monaten festgelegt wurde.

Es gibt eine starke Unterstützungsebene, die genau unterhalb der Grenze liegt, an der Chainlink derzeit gehandelt wird.

Seine Reaktion auf dieses Niveau könnte seinen technischen Ausblick erhellen, da ein Durchbruch unterhalb dieses Niveaus einen ähnlichen Kapitulationsabsturz auslösen könnte wie zu Beginn dieses Monats, in dessen Verlauf LINK Tiefststände von $9,00 erreichte.

Kettenglied kämpft darum, sich über der unteren Bereichsgrenze zu halten, während der Verkaufsdruck ansteigt

Zum Zeitpunkt der Abfassung dieses Artikels verzeichnet Chainlink bei seinem derzeitigen Preis von 11,63 Dollar einen Rückgang von über 4%. Dies ist ein bemerkenswerter Rückgang gegenüber den jüngsten Höchstständen von $13,20, die erst vor wenigen Tagen festgelegt wurden.

Die Handelsspanne, die LINK den ganzen September über festgelegt hat, liegt zwischen $11,20 und $13,20.

Die Krypto-Währung hat in den letzten Tagen und Wochen starke Reaktionen auf diese beiden Niveaus verzeichnet und nähert sich nun schnell dem unteren Ende dieser Spanne.

Wenn das Niveau von $11,20 nicht als Unterstützung stark bleibt, könnte ein Durchbruch unterhalb dieses Niveaus einen kapitulierenden Absturz auslösen, der der Krypto-Währung ernsthafte Verluste beschert.

Dieser potenzielle Rückgang könnte ähnlich wie Anfang September aussehen, als Chainlink auf Tiefststände von $9,00 abtauchte, bevor es wieder aufwärts ging.

Analyst: Käufer müssen LINK bald aufstocken und „sparen“, um ernsthafte Einbußen zu vermeiden

Mit Blick auf die Marktstruktur von Chainlink erklärte ein Analyst, dass er bei Chainlink mit weiteren Abwärtsbewegungen rechnet, sofern die Bullen nicht aufsteigen und ihren anhaltenden Abschwung umkehren.

Er schaut insbesondere auf Bitcoin, um einen Einblick zu erhalten, wohin sich LINK als nächstes entwickeln könnte.

„Link Marines sollten besser einschreiten und LINK bald retten. Dies… sieht schwach und schwer aus. Wenn Bitcoin stolpert, und sei es auch nur ein bisschen, dann denke ich, dass Chainlink wieder unter $10 zurückgeht und für eine Weile dort bleibt.


Gli acquirenti hanno fatto un passo indietro nel mercato dei crittografi e stanno tenendo Bitcoin sopra i 10.000 dollari.

Ogni volta che la cripto-valuta è scesa al di sotto di questo livello, i cacciatori di affari sono balzati in azione – comprando e spingendo aggressivamente Bitcoin Era verso l’alto. Sul grafico, questa azione di prezzo si riflette in una serie di stoppini lunghi intorno ai $10K, suggerendo un forte sostegno.

Altrove, l’Etereum sta salendo di livello. Il secondo più grande crittografo ha superato la Bitcoin anche questa settimana, guadagnando il 4%, mentre il più grande crittografo del mondo finisce piatto. Ancora più avanti, i piccoli altcoin stanno vincendo alla grande, con NEO e BNB che stanno facendo guadagni stellari sul retro dei nuovi prodotti DeFi.

I punti salienti di questa settimana

  • Altcoins Flourish on Yield Farming Frenzy
  • L’impennata dell’hashish a prezzi più alti


Il lancio dei protocolli DeFi su catene a blocchi più piccole sta stimolando la domanda dei concorrenti di Ethereum. Questi altcoin mirano a detronizzare il leader dei contratti intelligenti, rendendo l’agricoltura a rendimento più accessibile alle masse con tariffe più basse e transazioni più rapide.

NEO è aumentata dell’11% nell’ultima settimana, con un flusso di fondi in arrivo mentre il progetto DeFi Flamingo si prepara a prendere il volo il 23 settembre.

Flamingo competerà con altri protocolli di swap di liquidità, tra cui JustSwap di Tron e BurgerSwap di Binance, che stanno trovando fortune alterne sul mercato. Tron è affondato del 5% nell’ultima settimana, mentre Binance Coin ha superato il 30%.


Mentre il prezzo del Bitcoin trova supporto, l’hashrate sta salendo alle stelle.

I dati di Blockchain.com mostrano che l’hashrate sta raggiungendo i massimi storici, con una media di sette giorni che supera per la prima volta i 135 esahashes al secondo (EH/s).

Più alto è l’hashrate Bitcoin, più potenza mineraria è impegnata nella rete, e più sicura diventa la blockchain. Storicamente, questo aumento degli investimenti nella rete da parte dei minatori si è riflesso alla fine in un aumento dei prezzi, creando una correlazione a lungo termine tra hashish e prezzo.


Presumendo che il livello critico di 10.000 dollari tenga, Bitcoin sembra destinato ad un ulteriore rialzo.

L’attuale frenesia DeFi continua a spingere il mercato più ampio verso l’alto, con miliardi versati in contratti intelligenti nell’ultima settimana, mentre Tron, Binance e altri attori si ramificano nella finanza decentralizzata.

Nel frattempo, l’attrattiva di Bitcoin è più forte che mai. I dati della Coin Metrics mostrano che la correlazione a 30 giorni tra Bitcoin e oro è ai massimi storici, con entrambi gli asset che probabilmente beneficiano della debolezza del dollaro.

Questo appello al rifugio sicuro potrebbe essere rafforzato mercoledì, quando la Federal Reserve terminerà la sua riunione finale prima delle elezioni. Ci si aspetta che la banca centrale stabilisca nuove proiezioni sui tassi di interesse, che potrebbero innescare la volatilità dei mercati globali.

Bitcoin revient dans la gamme après avoir chuté sous les 10 000 $ – Où vont les taureaux?

Le marché de la cryptographie n’est pas un endroit pour les faibles. Le nouveau ou l’ignorance de ce fait a reçu une dure leçon la semaine dernière. Cela est survenu lorsque le marché a rencontré un crash flash, déclenché et dirigé par Bitcoin . Dans une configuration classique, tout a commencé quelques heures seulement après avoir dépassé les 12 000 $, avec des rapports indiquant que les autorités japonaises avaient attaqué les bureaux de Bithumb.

Il s’agit de l’un des plus grands échanges cryptographiques au monde et des principaux échanges au Japon. Cela a déclenché un FUD massif et les investisseurs ont commencé à paniquer

Cela s’est encore accéléré car, par coïncidence, Coinbase et Binance ont baissé lorsque Bitcoin a été largué. Alors que le PDG de Binance CZ a déclaré qu’il s’agissait d’une coïncidence de la part de Binance, beaucoup ont longtemps spéculé qu’il s’agissait d’une tactique utilisée par les bourses lors de mouvements de prix violents , empêchant les traders de quitter ou d’entrer des positions et d’augmenter leurs bénéfices lorsque les clients sont liquidés.

Le principal actif qui venait de frapper une résistance critique a été renvoyé en spirale. D’un sommet de 11 000 $, en quelques heures, l’actif est revenu en dessous de 10 500 $.

Juste en dessous, ce support offrait une excellente opportunité d’achat, la plupart des taureaux en profitant et par conséquent organisant un rebond. La fourchette actuelle (et d’autant plus qu’elle se resserre autour de 10K $) a continué à se révéler sensible notamment aux nouvelles négatives.

Les taureaux reprennent le contrôle

Avec Bitcoin réussissant à se maintenir au-dessus du support, les taureaux semblent reprendre le contrôle. Leur objectif est toujours fixé sur le plus haut de 12 000 $ comme support à long terme. Heureusement, approcher ce niveau pourrait être plus facile après de tels achats à rabais mercredi. Malheureusement, les spéculateurs seront également plus susceptibles de se débarrasser de ce sommet.

Un énorme déclencheur est nécessaire pour voir le rallye des actifs numériques bien au-dessus de 12000 $ pour inciter à d’autres achats, conduisant finalement à un soutien supérieur à cela. Toute incertitude et indécision autour de cette position renverra l’actif juste en dessous de ce niveau.

À long terme, cependant, Bitcoin semble toujours solide maintenant encore plus que jamais avec le dollar fixé pour un avenir troublant. Des données récentes montrent que le déficit américain a atteint un record de plus de 3 milliards de dollars de plus que le triple cette année. Expliquer à la plupart pourquoi ils devraient quitter le dollar et obtenir du Bitcoin comme couverture.

Swiss canton of Zug accepts Bitcoin and Ether for tax payment

In Switzerland, all residents of the canton of Zug can now pay their taxes using cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

Zug takes Bitcoin to the next level

According to the press release from the administration of the canton of Zug, this payment option will be available from February 2021. This is the result of collaboration with Bitcoin Switzerland, a regulated financial intermediary is a real pioneer of the Swiss Crypto Valley .

With this approach, the canton of Zug once again confirms its role as an innovator in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Indeed, Zug becomes the first Swiss canton where taxes can be paid with cryptocurrencies.

This new means of payment for the 130,000 inhabitants of the canton had already been the subject of a pilot project since 2016, but payment in Bitcoin Trader was limited to taxes of less than 200 Swiss francs (185 euros).

After the success of the pilot project, the administration moves to the next level. Businesses and individuals will be able to pay their taxes using cryptocurrency for a maximum amount of 100,000 Swiss francs (92,800 euros). Partial payments will not be accepted.

“As the birthplace of Crypto Valley, it is important for us to further promote and simplify the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. By making it possible to pay taxes with Bitcoin or Ether, we are taking a big step in that direction, ”said canton chief financial officer Heinz Tännler.

A collaboration with Bitcoin Suisse

To be able to offer a tax settlement with cryptocurrencies, the Zug Finance Department calls on Bitcoin Switzerland. Taxpayers who wish to pay their taxes with cryptocurrencies should contact the cantonal tax administration. They will then receive a QR code by email, necessary for payment.

“We are not taking any risk with this new payment method, because we always receive the amount in Swiss francs, even if the payment is made in Bitcoin or Ether,” said Heinz Tännler.

Therefore, the volatility of crypto-asset prices has no influence on the final payment in Swiss francs that the tax authorities receive.

Founded in 2013, Bitcoin Suisse greatly contributes to the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies throughout Switzerland. It acts as an intermediary for the majority of services related to cryptocurrencies, both public and private.

“The combination of trading technology and payment transactions with cryptocurrencies allows us to provide a good user experience for the taxpayer and to offer a proven service to the Canton of Zug,” added Dr Arthur Vayloyan, CEO of Bitcoin Switzerland.

Besides the canton of Zug, the city of Zermatt in southern Switzerland also accepts Bitcoin for the payment of taxes. The option offered to the 6,000 inhabitants of the municipality was rolled out in January 2020, again thanks to a collaboration with Bitcoin Switzerland.

Switzerland still impresses as much for its growing adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Undeniable pioneer on a European scale for this new industry, Switzerland is undeniably on the way to a crypto-nation.

Estos mercados de Darknet podrían ver pronto más Bitcoin fluyendo

El Mercado del Imperio, uno de los mercados más populares de Internet, se oscureció a finales del mes pasado sin previo aviso. ¿A dónde irán sus más de un millón de usuarios?

El mes pasado el Empire Market, uno de los mercados más grandes del mundo, misteriosamente se desconectó.
Si el Empire Market no regresa habrá un vacío económico para llenar la red oscura.
Tal desarrollo podría dar lugar a nuevos mercados oscuros deseosos de servir a los clientes, independientemente de si son o no dignos de confianza.

Uno de los mercados más grandes del mundo, Empire Market, misteriosamente se desconectó el mes pasado. Aunque todavía no está claro si Empire se cerró para siempre (o si quien lo dirige realmente se llevó 30 millones de dólares en Bitcoin como parte de una estafa de salida), la pregunta sigue siendo en una economía ilícita anónima, ¿a dónde podrían ir tantos compradores y vendedores ilícitos?

Ya sea que se trate de mercados nuevos, menos confiables, o de mercados más antiguos que ya han sido probados, otros mercados oscuros de la web podrían ver pronto un pico en la criptografía transacciones como resultado de la caída del Imperio.

Durante el fin de semana, Dark.fail, una cuenta de Twitter que afirma ser un periodista anónimo que investiga sobre Tor (un software que permite a los usuarios navegar por Internet de forma anónima), puso de relieve varios mercados restantes que podrían crecer a la luz de la ausencia de Empire Market. (Cabe señalar, sin embargo, que las transacciones de Bitcoin siguen constituyendo sólo el uno por ciento del total de las transacciones de Bitcoin, según las últimas cifras de la empresa de investigación Chainalysis).

Comentando en la lista de Dark.fail de los restantes mercados de Darknet, otro investigador anónimo de Twitter, Caleb (@5auth)-quien dijo que no compra ni vende en ninguno de estos lugares- destacó al mercado de la Casa Blanca y al Mercado Oscuro como „los dos principales mercados por usuarios en este momento“.

Mientras que el resultado del cierre del Imperio está por verse, aquí hay algunos mercados oscuros que todavía prosperan:

Las 5 mejores noticias y artículos de criptografía en tu bandeja de entrada cada día.
Consigue Daily Digest para lo mejor de Decrypt. Noticias, artículos originales y más.

Mercado Oscuro

Según dark.fail, Dark Market es el primer mercado web oscuro que se dice que está dirigido por mujeres. Dark.fail declaró que este mercado tiene actualmente 1.400 vendedores y 220.000 usuarios y que el equipo administrativo cuenta con la confianza de la mayoría de los vendedores importantes. Prohíben el doxxing, las amenazas de violencia, la discriminación o la incitación al odio, así como la venta de contenidos de asesinato por encargo, fentanilo, armas, trata de personas y explotación infantil.

Mercado de la Casa Blanca

Junto con el Mercado Oscuro, el mercado de la Casa Blanca es uno de los dos principales mercados oscuros para los usuarios. Con 68.000 usuarios y 1.700 vendedores, es reconocido por ambos investigadores con los que habló Decrypt como el mercado más seguro que opera actualmente.

El Mercado de la Casa Blanca usa autenticación de dos factores PGP y pocas o ninguna opción de recuperación de contraseña si una clave PGP se pierde. Junto con los listados prohibidos habituales, las reglas del mercado para los vendedores prohíben específicamente, „curas milagrosas de coronavirus“. Sólo permite transacciones con la moneda de la privacidad, Monero, la llamada moneda de la privacidad y la segunda moneda de cifrado más utilizada en los mercados de la oscuridad, después de Bitcoin.

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